Wheel thrown wood fired bowl W44

One-off, wheel thrown and wood fired bowl W44, 15cm diameter
9cm tall, heavy wall grogged stoneware clay, green glaze inside only. Price includes postage and packaging.


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A distinctive range of bowls and other ceramic vessels handmade in Sheffield by Andy van Vliet. Individual pieces inspired by local landscape themes, Japanese ceramics and modern design, this work can be enjoyed as either functional or decorative ware and is ideal as a gift.

Thrown on the wheel, this series includes original work fired to 1230°C over a 10-hour period in our electric kiln as well as wood-fired ware. We use a community-built and operated wood kiln in the Manor, South Sheffield.  

Every piece is hand made using natural materials. The images are designed to reflect the character of the piece, although there might be slight variations or imperfections in the actual piece.

The work cannot be guaranteed to be dishwasher safe and we recommend cleaning by hand with warm water and a mild detergent. Avoid placing in extreme hot or cold environments, such as an oven or freezer, as thermal shock could result in fractures.

Please contact me on avvceramics@outlook.com if you would like to visit the gallery/ studio in Sheffield and see a range of my work that is for sale. Commissions considered.  

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